The Holy Unveils New ‘Singularity’ EP

The Holy is a techno artist whose new ‘Singularity’ EP features five high-energy tracks that encapsulate the vibe of a warehouse rave.

He is a Canadian artist from Montreal who is known for his DJ performances at some of the country’s best-known nightclubs and festivals. Not only does he make music for the dance floor, but his music has also been used by brands such as Christies NYC and Times Magazine.

This new release is DJ focused, and has already received support from people such as Sam WOLFE, Kos:mo and Paco Osuna.

Track one, “Boundless” opens the release with uplifting melodies layered over solid percussion that switches between broken beats and a four-to-the-floor kick pattern.

Track two, “Step on My Feet” is the most up-tempo track on the release, and it fuses soulful vocal bursts with stabbing chords and dystopian pads.

Track three, “Got It” has filter-swept synth stabs and a rap vocal sample sequenced into a high tempo techno groove that is driven by a thumping kick drum.

Track four, “Juicy” is a sleezy cut with heavy synth chords and jackin’ percussion, it also utilises an old-school breakbeat in the breakdown sections.

Track five, “North Side” closes the release with the muffled tones of a booming vocal, which is underpinned by gritty, hardcore percussion.

The release launched The Holy’s new record label GKS, and you can buy a copy HERE.