JSTJR Drops Hard Techno Single “Bandra”

Following his banger EP Attitude, which came out last month on Dim Mak – JSTJR keeps up the momentum with a Hard Techno banger “Bandra” injected with a bumping bassline, hard beats and a hypnotic female vocal.

Continuing his slew of hard hitting techno tracks, “Bandra” has a relentless and alluring vocal, alongside an energetic and abrasive production from JSTJR. He explains; “I made this track for that sweet spot in a DJ set where you need to ramp up the energy a bit without going TOO hard. The vocals before the drop draw you in and put you in a bit of a trance, leading into that slamming kick and bass.”

“Bandra” is out on May 17 on Dim Mak.

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