Whammyboy Reveals Catchy Music Video For House Song ‘Chop It’

Whammyboy’s “Chop It” feels like an immersive trip to an electro-house haven, where nostalgia is the DJ. From its inception, it’s clear—the rising Norwegian DJ/producer is in the house, and he’s here to leave a mark. With a slew of hits, he’s bringing to the forefront a genre-bending sound, terming it “Space-Pop”.

“Chop It”, released via Warner Music Norway, is the epitome of his vision. There’s a Daft Punk-inspired edge, yes, but it’s peppered with personal touches—a bassline reminiscent of his childhood and hints of his beloved 80s sounds. The result? A track that feels deeply intimate, yet universal.

Whammyboy’s trajectory, from Piknik i Parken to his impending EU tour, has been meteoric. The alt-pop scene has noticed, and with “Chop It”, it’s clear he’s not just passing through. He’s reshaping the landscape.

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