MC Hammersmith Showcases Edginess In ‘G.I. Joe’

When one thinks of hard-hitting places, middle-class West London usually isn’t on the list – unless, of course, you’ve run out of Earl Grey tea. Enter MC Hammersmith, a comedian who’d have you believe he’s the freshest rapper to strut out of a posh London suburb. His debut, ‘G.I. Joe’, isn’t about action figures but instead an ironic glance into his own pseudo-gangsta life. You know, the one where he might have had a rhyming showdown at a posh tea party.

His live show’s title ‘Straight Outta Brompton’ might remind you more of a cyclist’s club than N.W.A. Yet, that’s the charm. MC Hammersmith is a cultural mashup, like dipping biscuits into champagne – unconventional, but weirdly tasty.