The Source |CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Cases Of The Virus In The U.S. Soar Past 8,500

Since last week, U.S. cases of the novel coronavirus has more than quadrupled, growing from 2,210 cases around the country on March 12 to 8,736 cases reported today(March 18), with 149 confirmed deaths from the deadly virus.

Politicians, along with health care officials, are scrambling to “flatten the curve” in the pandemic that is crippling the American health care system as well as the financial fabric of the country. A shortage of protective masks and gloves in the medical field coupled with the shortage of the Covid-19 tests has contributed to the rapid increase in the United States, sending the country into frenzy. Experts have admitted that the downside to having more testing available is that more people will be discovering that they have contracted Covid-19, the disease that causes the Coronavirus.

State and local government officials have been making impromptu decisions about “social distancing” and “self-isolation” for their residents, with some people not heeding to the ever-changing warnings, which seem to be getting more stringent day to day. President Trump and his administration is creating a contingency plan to fight Coronavirus that could last as long as 18 months.

With bars, restaurants, theaters and malls closing and all forms of recreation and sporting events either postponed or cancelled altogether, life in America will be forever altered. Hospital ships will be docking in New York City in the next few days to take on the expected influx of people who will need medical care over the next few weeks. According to reports from the CDC, people that have contracted the virus and succumbed to the virus typically have died within eight days from the time that they showed symptoms. It Seems like hand sanitizer, Lysol and washing your hands just sin’t enough to combat the pandemic that is crippling the globe.