Visits at Federal Prisons, Immigration Centers Stopped for 30 Days Over Coronavirus

According to a confirmed report from AP, Inmates at all 122 federal correctional facilities across the country will no longer be allowed visits from family, friends or attorneys for the next 30 days, in response to the threat of the coronavirus.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement also said it would temporarily suspend social visits at all of its detention facilities across the U.S. Officials said there were no detainees who had confirmed cases of COVID-19 and that canceling visitation was precautionary to “further safeguard those in our care.”

ICE is holding about 37,888 immigrants in more than 130 facilities including local jails and prisons.

The restrictions, now in effect, were portrayed as a precaution since no federal inmates or Bureau of Prisons staff members have tested positives for COVID-19. It was unclear if any inmates have been tested. The officials said some exceptions could be made for legal visits.

The plan to temporarily suspend visitation, restrict staff travel and pause inmate transfers is part of the bureau’s action plan for concerns over the spread of the new coronavirus for the 175,000 inmates in Bureau of Prisons custody.