Trina Calls Protestors ‘Animals’ and Gets Dragged On Twitter

Trina just might have lost her crown as the “Baddest B*&ch.”

During a conversation with Trick Daddy on Miami’s 99 Jamz Radio, Trina discussed the current protest movement. However, her opinion was not what many expected.

She referred to protesters as “animals” and urged Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez to start the 9 p.m. curfew earlier.

“They need to make the curfew at 6 p.m. Keep everybody off the street, these animals off the streets, that are running around in Miami-Dade County acting like they have escaped from a zoo. Lock them up at 5 p.m. so the streets can be nice and clean, that’s how I feel.”

Wow. Apparently, Trina is of the train of thought that some of the property damage that occurred during the protesting was bad. She explained further that a friend of hers had their business decimated.

“We can’t bring back nobody lives that has been taken away, whether it’s from the police or the hands of another civilian,” she continued. “We cannot bring them back. You cannot pump life back into them at all. I can’t bring back my little brother’s life, his life was taken by the hands of a man, a black man.”

Wow. Trina then accused a lot of protesters of being “fake,” and that “half of y’all marching are not even caring about this man.”

It didn’t take long for “Trina” to start trending on Twitter with “not Trina” also becoming a trending topic.

However, she became the target of Masika Kalysha, a former cast member of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. The two engaged in a heated back and forth over Trina’s comments.