[WATCH] 6ix9ine Dodges A Beer Can Tossed At Him At Baseball Game


On Friday, rapper 6ix9ine found himself dodging a beer can tossed at him while he taunted a crowd of fans at a ball game.  
Reporter Aram Leighton shared a video on his Twitter of 6ix9ine at the World Baseball Classic quarterfinals match-up between Mexico and Puerto Rico at LoanDepot Park in Miami, Fla. In the clip, the controversial rapper is waving the Mexico flag at people behind him who are booing at him.

Soon after, a beer can flies right by him nearly hitting him in his head. Some say you can see the man who allegedly threw the can in the video. 

According to Leighton, Puerto Rico fans weren’t feeling the Brooklyn rapper, taunting them with the Mexican flag at the game.


“6ix9ine is in the building and waving a Mexico flag. A Puerto Rico fan wasn’t having it and threw a beer can right by his head,” he tweeted.

What you also don’t see in the video is 6ix9ine reportedly being relocated to another area to avoid any more confrontation with fans.

Despite 6ix9ine’s disruption, Mexico defeated Puerto Rico 5-4 to reach the semifinals for the first time ever.
Do you think he will ever get to go out in public without any incident?