[WATCH] Donnell Rawlings Believes It’s Time for Chris Rock and Will Smith to Talk: ‘The Score is Even’


Donnell Rawlings has seen Chris Rock’s special and confirmed that his comedian friend was “furious.” In addition, Rawlings stated Rock’s family wanted to retaliate, which also put Smith’s family in danger.

“It’s war. Hopefully, it’s over,” Rawlings said. “A lot of people are fans of both of them, and it’s really ugly. As a comic, you can’t tell them what they’re going to do and how to respond.”

Regarding the jokes from Rock, Rawlings stated that the idea that they were an attack on a marginalized woman was a “matter of opinion.”


“People can also say, as most comics say, these are just jokes,” Rawlings added.

Rawlings would conclude by saying the score is even, and this would be the best time to talk.

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