WATCH: Joe Budden Responds to Fans Wanting Him to Address Diddy Accusations on Podcast: ‘Fans Echo Stupid Sh*t’


Joe Budden is known to have praise for Diddy and a close working relationship. With The Joe Budden Podcast continuing its reign as the top pod in music, fans and critics were curious to what Budden had to say. His response was swift, “Are y’all stupid?”

“I’m trying to be cool, I’m trying to respect the gospel, clean version of this podcast. But I be wondering this, too, at home,” Budden said. “The fans echo some of that stupid shit. Do y’all think podcasters are coming into work to say that domestic violence, rape, sex trafficking, and drugging women is right on some fronts? Like, do y’all need anybody to say that all of those things are horrifically mortifying?”

You can hear all of Budden’s comments below.