Lil Reese Announces ‘Ask About Me’ Album, Drops “What Happened” Video

Lil Reese has announced his upcoming collaborative album, Ask About Me, with emerging Detroit producer The ATG. Accompanying the announcement is the release of a video single titled “What Happened,” available through Kyyba Music.

Known for his raw lyricism and gritty delivery, Lil Reese’s Ask About Me delves into street narratives with unfiltered storytelling. Teaming up with The ATG, the album blends Reese’s hushed vocals with symphonic production that draws inspiration from Atlanta trap music and resonant pianos paying homage to Detroit.

Scheduled for release on Dec. 13, Ask About Me follows Lil Reese’s previous project, “Demon Time,” from last year.


The video single, “What Happened,” provides a glimpse into the forthcoming album. Backed by dynamic piano production by The ATG, the track serves as a straightforward “no snitching” anthem. Lil Reese, well-versed in the code of silence (omertà), emphatically states his commitment to not becoming an informant.

Fans can anticipate more hard-hitting tracks and immersive storytelling when “Ask About Me” drops next month, showcasing Lil Reese’s prowess in the rap game.