[WATCH] Lance “Un” Rivera Says JAY-Z Was Not Who Stabbed Him During 1999 Nightclub Incident


One of the most infamous moments of JAY-Z’s career is the stabbing of Lance “Un” Rivera. During a recent visit to VLAD TV, Un states NYPD and prosecutors got the wrong guy because Jay didn’t do the stabbing.

The story goes, Un was responsible for leaking JAY-Z’s Vol. 3 album. Hov was in the building for Q-Tip’s Amplified album release party, spotted the exec, and witnesses identified Hov as the man who stabbed him.

Jay pled guilty in 2001, receiving probation. He was facing felony assault charges. Now in 2023, Un says it wasn’t Hov at all. He does state Hov was in the building, but another person stabbed him.


You can hear it all below.

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