WATCH: Tyla Shows Jennifer Hudson How to Do Viral “Water” Dance

Tyla hit The Jennifer Hudson Show and spoke about her viral hit “Water.” During her visit to the hit daytime show, Tyla and Hudson left the chairs of the talk show set up so the singer could show the Oscar winner how to do the viral dance. You can see it below.

Emerging artist Tyla has become a social media sensation, amassing over one million Instagram followers since her debut single, “Water,” made its way into the Billboard Hot 100 chart and ignited a viral TikTok dance challenge.

A recent study by NetInfluencer analyzed Tyla’s social media metrics, shedding light on the remarkable growth in her following since the release of “Water.” The 21-year-old artist’s Instagram following witnessed a meteoric rise of 1.5 million since the single’s launch on July 28th. This surge was primarily fueled by the viral dance challenge associated with the track, which attracted an impressive 600,000 new Instagram and 200,000 TikTok followers within the first month.


Tyla’s TikTok account, @Tyla_, saw a staggering 3.8 million new followers joining since August, leading to a significant spike in her estimated earnings per post, now reaching an astonishing $11,800.

“Water” entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart in October, further accelerating Tyla’s social media ascent. During this period, she acquired an additional 865,000 Instagram followers, surging from 1.4 million to an impressive 2.3 million followers, averaging 30,000 new followers daily.

This surge in followers has translated into enhanced earning potential, with Tyla now estimated to earn approximately $5,860 per sponsored Instagram post, based on her substantial follower count and an impressive 16.19% engagement rate.

“Rarely do you see a new artist make a worldwide impact such as Tyla, having already made a historic entry with Water, reaching the top 10 on the Billboard Global 200,” a NetInfluencer spokesperson said. “TikTok played a significant role in its success, with social media analytics revealing the singer rapidly gained followers and entered the global charts after going viral. This could lead other artists to try to replicate Tyla’s social media success, to which TikTok contributed greatly. It will be interesting to see what the singer does next to build on her rising fame”.

Notably, Tyla’s Instagram followers now include celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Drake, and Chance the Rapper.

“Water” has cemented its place as one of the most popular songs on TikTok in the last 30 days, and with over 117 million Spotify plays, it can potentially earn the artist nearly $471,000, based on the average earnings per stream.

Tyla has carved her name into history as the youngest South African artist in over 50 years to grace the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.