[WATCH] Westside Gunn Tells Apple Music About New Album ‘And Then You Pray For Me’


Westside Gunn joins Zane Lowe in studio on Apple Music 1 to discuss his new album, And Then You Pray For Me, elevating and spreading positivity, why the story of Griselda is one of the greatest stories in hip hop, the legacy of Virgil Abloh, what he loves about Rick Ross, food and film ventures, “KITCHEN LIGHTS”, and more. 

In the interview, Gunn speaks very candidly about the new project, saying, “It’s a history lesson. It’s just different energy right now with me, man. You see, I’m glowing right now. It’s just where I’m at in life, you know what I’m saying? I made this whole album overseas, so it was just like… Just country hop and just energy. That’s why it just sounds like that. That’s staying at Bulgari. That’s staying at the Ritz. That’s staying at the Waldorf, that’s staying at the Four Seasons… it was all intentional. You know what I mean? It was all by design.”