Aux Family Launches ‘Aux Fest Edition One’ Songwriting Camp and Showcase (17th-22nd August)

In the sprawling, ever-evolving realm of music, few things strike a chord quite like raw ambition mixed with authentic talent. Enter Aux Family, a collective with a staggering 6 billion streams under its belt. Their newest venture? “Aux Fest” – an experience that plants its flag in the heart of Costa Blanca.

It’s more than just a festival; it’s a global gathering. Artists – spanning from the eclectic avenues of the USA to the rhythmic soul of Chile, with stops in France, Sweden, and the chilly contours of Norway – converge in a Spanish villa. Names like Sistek, Dyrisk, KLYMVX, and the evocative Dafne Adriana promise aural delights that defy definition.

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Aux Fest’s crescendo finds its stage at La Gran Vida, a realm where acoustic ballads, indie anthems, and the moody murmurs of deep house come alive under the setting sun.

The genius doesn’t end there. Aux Fest amplifies its rhythm, partnering with Bay Radio, ensuring every note hits not just the coastal ears of Valencia and Alicante but reverberates worldwide. In Aux Fest, we aren’t just seeing a festival; we’re witnessing the blueprint that’s going to have serious impact.

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  • Visionary Venture: Aux Fest, a groundbreaking songwriting camp and showcase, reimagines collaborative music creation on the Costa Blanca.
  • Global Artistry: International artists convene in a Spanish villa for a 4-day intensive music-making experience, fostering cross-genre collaboration and innovation.
  • Captivating Culmination: Creativity unfolds at La Gran Vida, an open-air venue, featuring diverse performances from acoustic melodies to indie bands and deep house sets.
  • Stellar Lineup: 6 acoustic/live acts and 6 DJs curated worldwide, representing Chile, France, Sweden, Norway, and the USA.
  • Notable Names: Sistek, Dyrisk, KLYMVX, Blakey and Dafne Adriana are examples playing the event, embodying diverse musical expressions.