HARBER Releases Heart-Warming Release On Lowly Titled ‘Remedy’

“Remedy,” HARBER’s collaboration with Alex Jones, exemplifies an excellent dance-pop style that’s infectious and memorable. Here, the classical piano-house tones form a backdrop to contemporary pop hooks, creating a euphoric rise that merges two epochs of musical evolution. This pattern can be sensed in past releases as well: “Summer You” offers nostalgia, while “More Than You” with Lexy Panterra lands with its modern fervor, and “Pieces” ft. NISHA dances along cinematic lines, even finding its way to Amazon’s music series, ‘Upload.’

Heavy-hitters have caught wind of HARBER. His compositions have garnered attention from icons such as Swedish House Mafia and Marshmello. Publications from Forbes to People Magazine have chronicled his sonorous journey, with his music echoing through both intimate gatherings like Bravo TV’s ‘Summer House’ and expansive venues, reminiscent of grand concert halls of old.

In HARBER, we witness not merely standard DJ or a producer, but someone who cares deeply about the process, orchestrating an electrifying blend between the meaningful stories and strong dance music.