Barkin Reveals Bass House Banger In ‘Kitty Club’

New York’s house music scene is ablaze once again, and the flames are being fanned by none other than Barkin. He’s not new to the house circuit. Having embarked on his musical journey four years ago at the distinguished Icon Collective Music School, he’s been refining his art, drawing inspiration from a potpourri of sub-genres – Bass, Electro, Tech, and Progressive.

This time around, it’s his delightful ode to feline love – “Kitty Club.” This electric Bass House composition begins with a catchy vocal, building up the anticipation. By the time he announces, “Welcome To The Kitty Club,” you’re thrown into a bass-fueled realm. And it’s not just about the production itself. Barkin, using his creatively altered voice, makes adorable references to his cats – Lulu, Borris, Betty Man, and Bella.

An escape for many, Barkin’s love affair with dance music transcends the superficial. He sees it as a liberation from the monotony, a sentiment he ardently wishes to share. Having dreamt of playing his tunes to a sea of faces lost in his rhythms, Barkin’s “Kitty Club” is more than just a track. It’s an experience, replete with punchy drums, synths, and a narrative that holds meaning.

With Barkin at the decks, one thing is certain: the heart of house beats stronger than ever.