BermudaCal’s Releases Music Video For ‘GOD’ Ahead Of Forthcoming Album, ‘The Divinity of Doubt’

BermudaCal, an independent artist, is about to drop “GOD”, a hip-hop track that’s both dynamic and reflective. This single paves the way for his upcoming album, The Divinity of Doubt. Hailing from Bermuda with Scottish roots, BermudaCal has a knack for mixing jazz with modern elements, drawing from hip-hop, trap, UK garage, and house. He finds inspiration in artists like Post Malone, Frank Ocean, Mac Miller, Anderson .Paak, and jazz greats Dexter Gordon, Miles Davis, and Charlie Parker, crafting a sound that’s uniquely his, complete with catchy melodies and smooth sax solos.

“GOD” is the opening act for The Divinity of Doubt and showcases BermudaCal’s evolution in music and storytelling. The track dives into existential themes, featuring a conversation with God that questions the core of his beliefs and being. It strikes a balance between high energy and deep thought, mirroring the artist’s own doubts and reflections. The song’s release is complemented by a visually striking music video directed by Edd Roberts.

BermudaCal comments on the track, “This track was the catalyst for my debut album. It explores the theme of doubting the existence of a higher power. I composed the beat about a year and a half ago, and the lyrics flowed effortlessly during a session by the beach. The music video, created with minimal resources and a lot of heart, is a testament to the dedication of my friends who supported the project, understanding the challenges faced by an independent artist.”

With “GOD”, BermudaCal is inviting listeners on a journey that’s as much about soul-searching as it is about music. His upcoming album, The Divinity of Doubt, promises to delve deeper into his eclectic mix of sounds and his ability to tell a story through music.

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