DIESEL Unleashes Long-Awaited Album In ‘GORILLA WARFARE’

In the intricate tapestry of electronic music, every now and then, a thread emerges that’s both unexpected and unequivocally electric. Cue in Shaquille O’Neal, the basketball legend, changing into the electronic maestro known as DIESEL. An enigma in his own right, Shaq’s foray from the court’s echo to the studio’s bass has been nothing short of exhilarating. With the release of GORILLA WARFARE, set to drop under the esteemed Monstercat banner, this evolution is about to hit its crescendo.

Now, all the songs are out and available, giving the people exactly what they want. But, given DIESEL’s pedigree, one can only expect an ensemble of tracks as dominating as his post moves once were.

O’Neal’s history with music traces back to his youthful days, with him once saying dubstep is something that “will continue to run through my veins.” And indeed, it does. GORILLA WARFARE encapsulates this, a confluence of DIESEL’s hip-hop roots and the frenetic pace of modern dubstep.