Don Afric Showcases His Unique Style Of Rap In New Single, ‘On Fire’

Fusing together influences from his Moroccan and Arabic heritage, rapper Don Afric has cultivated an exotic style of lyricism. Also taking inspiration from Drake and Weird Al Yankovic simultaneously, his charisma and suave persona shine bright in each one of his original works. Now, Don is putting his diverse set of skills on display once again with his brand-new single, “On Fire”.

Instantly radiating mesmerizing Mediterranean soundscapes, Don’s vocals take center stage in “On Fire”. On top of his alluring singing and rapping, an intricate blend of cultural instruments, such as Oud, Lute, Moroccan Violin, and Derbuka, mystify the song’s audience. The trap-based beat, string chord progressions, and lyrics complement each other to create an extremely pleasant listening experience.

Sharing his perspective on the tune, Don states, “I want this song to be the start of my music career. It defines me and the type of music I would like to be making and spreading until the end of my career.” Serving as a preview of his future projects, “On Fire” is an exciting beginning for Don Afric.