KC Lights Delivers Uplifting Festival Piano Edit Of His Collab With Kye Sones, ‘Hold On’

Giving his followers what they’ve desired for the last two years, KC Lights has finally dropped the festival piano remix of his hit single, “Hold On”. Releasing the catchy feel-good tune in 2021, the edit is just as tantalizing as the original. Similarly, it is layered with the vibrant vocal display from gifted singer Kye Sones. This new version highlights KC’s innovative sound design with a captivating sequence of piano melodies. These lighthearted soundscapes fuse seamlessly with the driving bassline and uplifting effects throughout the track.

Providing the inside scoop on the edit, KC says, “I created this edit shortly after writing the original with vocalist Kye Sones back in 2021. I’ve always been a big fan of spinning my songs in different ways creatively. I had this idea of a 90’s piano riff for the drop and the rest came together pretty quickly. It’s actually been a song that I’ve been closing out my set with for the past year now and the response has been incredible. It’s one of my favorites!”

As infectious as the festival piano remix is, it is far from the only auditory masterpiece that KC has forged during his career. Over the last five years, his one-of-a-kind production style has led to support from the likes of Carl Cox, Calvin Harris, Fisher, Claptone, Fatboy Slim, and more. Additionally, KC has showcased smooth mixing techniques behind the board at ADE, Creamfields, Tomorrowland, and other flagship events. Be on the lookout for KC as he dives into a packed schedule of touring and works on exciting upcoming projects.