Ekko & Sidetrack Revitalize SACHI’s ‘Wildfire’ With Explosive Drum and Bass Remix

After a prolonged period of anticipation, SACHI’s single “Wildfire,” celebrated for its electrifying live audience reception, reaches new heights with Australian duo Ekko & Sidetrack’s intervention. The essence of “Wildfire’s” exhilaration lies in its compelling chorus hook, which Ekko & Sidetrack elevate with a refined drum and bass arrangement, transforming the track into an experience of renewed pleasure.

Ekko & Sidetrack, Jeff & Jonathan Hansen from Perth, have built a significant following, amassing millions of streams and over 250,000 monthly listeners by blending drum and bass with adjacent genres. Their distinctive sound, characterized by meaningful vocals and exceptional instrumental composition, has fueled a continuous trajectory of growth. Their work has led to collaborations with labels like Viper Recordings and Circus Records, and now they are gearing up for an extensive European summer festival tour, followed by a debut tour in the US.

In 2023, the release of their first album, “Nostalgic for Reality,” via Viper Recordings, marked a pivotal moment in their career. The Hansen brothers are known for their dynamic and soulful drum & bass creations, having shared the stage with icons such as Sub Focus and Pendulum, and receiving nods from the likes of Dimension and Friction. Their music’s inclusion in the Counterstrike video game underscores their impact on the electronic music landscape.

With a history of standout tracks and a penchant for memorable performances, Ekko & Sidetrack’s narrative is a pure reflection of their dedication and artistry. As they prepare for their 2024 tours, the anticipation for what lies ahead in their career is palpable, promising more groundbreaking contributions to the drum & bass genre.