ena b. Ignites Emotions with Powerful Single ‘Change’

Lisbon-based indie-electronic artist ena b. is set to release her debut album, “Ketamine Vacation.” Drawing from a variety of musical styles, including folk, Americana, ambient, and indie, ena b. aims to explore new territories in music with this project.

The lead single, “Change,” shows off the theme of fear associated with personal transformation and the challenge of facing emotional complexities. The song combines gentle melodies with evocative lyrics, urging listeners to engage with their deepest thoughts. This track aligns ena b. with the emotional depth and electronic intricacy of artists like Christian Löffler, Bonobo, and Julianna Barwick.

Discussing “Change,” ena b. reveals the personal nature of the song: “It’s about the enormous fear of change and clinging on to unhealthy situations out of fear of abandonment.” This sentiment of personal evolution and emotional confrontation is a recurring element throughout the album.

With “Ketamine Vacation,” ena b. marks a decade of evolution as an artist and producer. She integrates subtle elements of her folk and singer-songwriter roots into her electronic compositions, inviting listeners to embark on a comprehensive journey that reflects what’s on her heart.