Ezediel’s Story Shows He Goes Beyond The Call Of Duty As A Modern Musician

From the bustling streets of New York emerges a figure, D. Robert Wayne, now reigning the alternative electronic and metal universe as Ezediel. At a time when the pandemic’s eerie stillness blanketed the world, Ezediel crafted soundscapes that felt like sonic explorations into the post-apocalyptic urban. It’s no mere chance; this artist debuted in the COVID Era, seemingly catching the undertones of a world paused in uncertainty.

His blend of electronic with nuances of metal and a voice that drones deep and haunting captures a soundscape that’s reminiscent of Detroit’s early techno scene with a darker twist. And like the pioneers of techno, Ezediel too holds an entrepreneurial spirit, strategically curating his catalog with precision and impact. The whopping 10+ million streams stand as an example to his “sniper over machine gun” philosophy.

The much-anticipated single “Mata Leão”, dropping on September 8th, 2023, uniquely mirrors his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu passion. Marrying Brazilian Phonk with Techno and Nu-Metal, the track, named after the ‘Rear Naked Choke’ technique, narrates a gripping tale of conquering life’s devils, echoing themes of resilience.

But Ezediel’s accolades don’t end at the music. As founder and CEO of WayneMPR and NotoriousX, a neuroscience student, model, and philanthropist, his ambitions seem boundless. Through every beat and business venture, the techno futurist’s trajectory only amplifies the question: What’s the next track in Ezediel’s setlist for life?