From Struggles to Triumph: Elohim’s Journey in ‘Can’t Remember Your Name

Elohim is introducing her fans to a new realm of expression with “Can’t Remember Your Name,” releasing on January 26th, 2024. This single follows her introspective track “Broken Face” and offers a glimpse into her personal struggles, particularly during her turbulent fall 2023 tour.

“Can’t Remember Your Name” stands out as a musically rich and dance-centric track. Elohim’s signature ethereal vocals float over the mix, complemented by solid instruction that, together, makes this song highly memorable. The song encapsulates a sense of vulnerability, particularly through the striking lyric, “I take the drugs so my fears go away,” which speaks to Elohim’s battle with anxiety and her reliance on medication.

This latest single is a window into Elohim’s world, mirroring her emotional journey during a challenging period. Her experiences with heightened anxiety and panic, which led to physical and mental tolls, including significant weight loss and shaking, are reflected in the song’s heartfelt lyrics and emotive soundscape.

While “Can’t Remember Your Name” touches on Elohim’s personal life, it highlights where she is at mentally with music at the moment as well. The track exemplifies her ability to weave together different elements to create a sound that is both introspective and inviting. This single reinforces Elohim’s place in the electronic music scene and set the stage for more to come.