Goth Babe Announces Debut Album with Glowing First Single, “Bioluminescence”

Goth Babe shares luminescent first single for debut LP

For fans since the scrappy “Sunshine” and believers since the meteoric “Sometimes”, Goth Babe has been quite the tease over the past 8 years. Now on tour, selling out shows and headlining iconic venues like LA’s Greek Theater, he’s finally announcing his debut album, “Lola”, (coming this Fall) with the release of its first single, “Bioluminescence”. 

Cover image for “Bioluminescence”

Goth Babe’s music has always had a nomadic quality, sonically illustrating the feeling of being in nature through distorted indie-pop synths, swirling guitar riffs, and anthemic vocal harmonies. You can hear his well-traveled sounds as if he’s taking a picture of his favorite cliff-side resting spot, not through a camera, but through indie-pop electronica. Watch a trailer for the album film below.

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Goth Babe’s Instagram bio reads, “camping through life” and “Bioluminescence’ is a perfect example of this — breathing a sense of wanderlust and evoking the feeling of chasing after a perfect night that can only be found in your memory. This song plays best under a night sky with a lover or surrounded by friends. It sparks the same joy of actually seeing bioluminescence in the wild, a bright blue scientific phenomenon that feels more like magic. Glittering and atmospheric, it’s a hopeful indicator of what the LP will sound like.

Now, go on a night drive with friends and enjoy some luminous rhythms, swimming synths, and drifting vocals.