hypernaut Drops Epic Year-End Single ‘Zulu’ After Winning EDC Orlando 2023 Competition

2023 has been a defining year for hypernaut, an emerging talent in the electronic music scene. With a distinct style primarily centered around drum and bass, hypernaut has not only garnered attention but also triumphed in Insomniac’s ‘Discovery Project.’ This competitive platform at festival events offers a significant opportunity for rising artists. hypernaut’s victory in this contest led him to perform at the EDC Orlando festival in November 2023 and afforded him the chance to meet the acclaimed DJ/producer Dillon Francis.

Beyond his success in competitions, hypernaut’s presence in the live music scene, particularly in Florida, has been growing. His performance at EDC Orlando has become a high point in his career, showcasing the quick ascent of his new project in the electronic music world.

hypernaut’s latest single, “Zulu,” shows off his unique approach to music production. The track is a nice mixture of heartfelt melodies intertwined with the energetic pulse of drum and bass. It transcends the typical confines of the genre, offering listeners an immersive escape.

With a career spanning over a decade under various guises, hypernaut has honed his skills in music production and DJing. This experience has culminated in a distinctive sound that has made a significant impact in the electronic music scene. The release of “Zulu” and his notable success in the Discovery Project contest highlight hypernaut’s growing influence and potential. His story is one of persistence and innovation, marking him as a special talent in the dynamic and evolving world of electronic music.