Indulge In The Chill Vibes Of TRACE’s ‘Too Much’

Picture this: the lights are low, the vibe is chill, and TRACE’s new single ‘Too Much’ flows through the speakers, filling your room with a wave of indie-electronic magic. Her latest EP, The End Of A Feeling, just dropped in 2023 and it’s a journey. “‘Too Much” stands out – TRACE serves up her own brand of soulful R&B, making it a track that echoes in your mind long after the final chord.

TRACE describes “Too Much” as the rawest slice of sorrow on her EP, a bold testament to accepting the beauty in being “too much”. It’s an anthem of honesty, self-discovery and it’s soaked in TRACE’s unmistakable sound. Her vocals, mighty yet tinged with an intimate sadness, capture the essence of raw emotion in a way few artists can.

Not just a passing breeze in the pop world, TRACE is a gale force. With her music streaming past the 55 million mark on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, she’s no stranger to the industry’s big gun outlets like Teen Vogue, NYLON, and Forbes. TRACE’s backstory is as impressive as her discography, from her successful Kickstarter-launched Low – EP in 2016 to the big league with SONY and Ultra Records in 2018.

“Too Much” is an audacious concoction of TRACE’s gifted songwriting, pop-drenched melodies, and a dash of alt-pop production sadness that really hits the spot. Drawing from her multicultural upbringing, TRACE crafts lyrics that feel both intimate and universal. With an EP that’s stirring up echoes of Lana Del Rey and James Blake, TRACE is the one to watch. “Too Much”? Nah, we can’t get enough.