Rock-Pop Talent LINA MAXINE Unleashes Meaningful, Hard Hitting Single In ‘Cherry’

Music maestro LINA MAXINE is back, infusing the rock-alternative scene with her inimitable blend of hard-hitting power-pop and prog rock. Her 2023 anthem, ‘LET ME,’ was a real game-changer, showing us she can capture the raw essence of human connection like nobody’s business.

Now LINA’s dropping a new EP, ‘You’re My Only Friend,’ and lead single “Cherry,” is officially upon us. It’s a banger, with LINA and Dean Aladay stirring up an explosive cocktail of love-at-first-sight euphoria and edgy pop-rock energy. Imagine the rebel spirit of Linkin Park meets Billie Eilish’s bold creativity.

‘Cherry’ is all about fast, sweeping love, with a raw acoustic version that’s packed with harmonious vocals, slick guitar lines, and killer synth vibes. It’s a perfect match for ‘Let Me,’ showcasing the thrilling highs of falling head over heels. LINA MAXINE’s “Cherry,” is an attention grabber through and through. Don’t miss the rising artist and the talent she bestows.