Massano finds a home on Upperground for two-part EP, ‘Shapeshifter’

Massano is back with a pair of up-tempo, melodic techno records. Out now on ARTBAT’s Upperground record label, the Shapeshifter EP eludes expressive melodies and bass-thumping drums. Consisting of singles “Breathe” and “Shapeshifter,” Massano’s debut on Upperground shows his versatility once more in the wake of his July single, “Nodosuba.”

Having official releases that date back only to 2020, Massano is still carving out a name for himself in the dance space. With progressive synths that punch harder than the majority of melodic techno artists, Massano has created his own unique sound that mixes euphoric feelings with buoyant sound design. With releases on Afterlife and the recent launch of the Simulate label, the English talent is quickly becoming one of the most exciting and in-demand names in the scene. Stream his latest EP, Shapeshifter below.

Featured image: Massano/Instagram