Lauren Torres Reveals Chill Vibes In The Smooth Single ‘Mangos’

From the sunlit boulevards of Los Angeles emerges Lauren Torres, a singer-songwriter whose blend of raw emotion and impeccable craft stands out in the vast soundscape of the music industry. Since her 2016 debut, “Lullaby”, an independent single punctuated with a catchy music video, Lauren’s trajectory has been upward, with her influences rooted in the soulful depths of legends like Stevie Wonder and Etta James.

Her latest single, “Mangos”, offers listeners a thoughtful journey into the corridors of retrospection. Heralding from her soon-to-be-released album, Trash, the track stands as a beacon of Lauren’s maturation as an artist. Crafted as a letter to her past self, it carries the melancholy of a paradise dreamt in childhood and the sobering realization of adulthood’s intricate maze. As Lauren puts it, “Mangos” encapsulates the bittersweet dance between youthful dreams and the ever-evolving reality of adulthood.

Accompanying this stirring single is a live performance video, adding a visual layer to the already captivating narrative. Lauren’s commentary on the track elucidates her intent, revealing her continuous exploration of the dichotomy between childlike innocence and the complexities of grown-up life. With “Mangos”, Lauren Torres is not just presenting a song; she’s offers her artistic evolution, making the wait for Trash all the more tantalizing.

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