Isaiah Brown Reveals Music Video For Infectious Anthem ‘Please Be The One’

Isaiah Brown has been riding a wave of success since launching his musical project. With an intricate fusion of a number of genres and influences, the renowned artist aims to spread love, unity, acceptance, and compassion through his work. His efforts have resulted in more than 5 million collective streams on Spotify alone, along with prime performances at HARD Summer and other prominent venues.

Diving into the next chapter of his career, Isaiah returns with an entrancing new music video surrounding his hit single, “Please Be The One”. The short film does an amazing job of embodying the soothing yet emotional aura present in the track. Choosing the aesthetic setting of a beach at sunset, this video includes breathtaking shots of Isaiah strumming his guitar, dancing with his female counterpart, and singing of course.

Adding a new sound component to “Please Be The One”, it opens with a wave splashing down onto the sand while Isaiah looks off into the sky. Throughout the song, a blend of chilling melodies, sequences of guitar, and a trap-like beat come together in remarkable fashion. At the center of it all is Isaiah’s sentimental lyrics, telling a vivid story of love and the strength that positivity can provide. With his GENESIS tour on the way and upcoming collaborations, “Please Be The One” and its newly released video foreshadows an exciting road ahead for Isaiah.

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