REZZ introduces goth-inspired EP on ‘Blue In The Face’ with Shadient, fknsyd

REZZ has begun a venture into a new goth era. And the HypnoVizion boss is doing so with an incoming, fittingly titled EP IT’S NOT A PHASE that “fully encapsulates [her] earliest inspirations & introductions to passion for music, combined with everything [she loves] about electronic music.” Created alongside Shadient and Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch in 2022 fknsyd, “Blue In The Face” now arrives as the EP’s opening look into REZZ’s goth-inspired persona.

“Blue In The Face” is exactly what REZZ is conceptualizing with her sound’s maturation, creating grunge-laced sounds that pull from both her past and present sonic influences. Featured supernatural vocals from fknsyd, REZZ and Shadient piece together a cross-genre anthem, harnessing the nostalgic angst of goth rock and fusing it with their signature style’s dark tone. The lead IT’S NOT A PHASE preview toes the line between rock and electronic, promising an exciting path forward to REZZ’s next project as she explores her gothic sound. REZZ shared some background into how the single came together, explaining,

“I’ve known Shadient since my earliest producer days and we’ve been wanting to collab for a long time but never finished a song, until now and it’s one which will shock both of our audiences in my opinion! It is the epitome of goth, accompanied by Syd’s vocals, which truly solidifies the grungy feel to this track.”

Featured image: Tessa Paisan/p>