Kinzoogianna Drops ‘Cherry Devoy’ A High-Energy Tribute to 80s UK House and Electro Culture

Kinzoogianna’s upcoming single “Cherry Devoy” drops on May 17, 2024, and it’s bound to make waves! This track leads the charge for her new album “The Clique of ’86,” set for release in early 2025. The album celebrates the vibrant 80s UK scene, paying homage to the early days of house, hip hop, and electro. Inspired by her school days and 80s Essex life, it features a strong foundational percussion section, synth bass, and powerhouse vocals, blending boogie, hip hop, electro, broken beat, and jazztronica.

Kinzoogianna, also known as Anna Stubbs, made a splash with her debut album “Gold For The Hungry Souls” in August 2022. This nu-jazz and soul masterpiece showcases her talents as a vocalist, songwriter, and producer. Collaborating with bass virtuoso Rob Mullarkey and drum master Richard Spaven, she created nine tracks packed with catchy grooves and unexpected harmonies.

“Gold For The Hungry Souls” emerged from Anna’s creative isolation, drawing inspiration from icons like Rotary Connection, Bill Evans, and Stevie Wonder. The album tells stories from her wild California and Essex roots, her London musician life, and her pandemic reflections.

Kinzoogianna is set to break musical boundaries with her fresh sound and vivid storytelling. It’s a joyous ride from start to finish.