Leon Rosen Shows Off Catchy Rock-Sound In ‘Follow Me Home’

Leon Rosen’s musical career began in the unique setting of Project Artaud, an experimental artist commune in San Francisco. His early exposure to diverse artistic disciplines in this environment played a significant role in shaping his musical direction. Opting to study piano at the San Francisco High School of the Arts, Rosen started to carve his path in the music world.

Rosen’s involvement in the San Francisco indie music scene was marked by the recording of his ‘Let Me Cool’ EP at Tiny Telephone studio. His collaboration with Cody Hamilton, who would later become his producer, was a pivotal moment in his career. His single ‘Grieving Friend of a Superman’ from this EP, accompanied by a stop-motion music video, achieved over 400,000 streams.

By 2023, Rosen’s music had accumulated over 2 million streams. He formed a touring band with Carter Yasutake on Keyboards & Trumpet, Rachel Zisette on Drums, and Lee Jean Jr on guitar. His recent single, ‘Follow Me Home,’ showcases a fusion of 1970s piano singer-songwriter elements with modern indie rock and electronic music. The track features a blend of grungy guitars and upbeat rhythms, aligning with the styles of bands like Death Cab for Cutie and The Strokes.

‘Follow Me Home’ reflects Rosen’s growth as an artist, both in terms of musical composition and thematic depth. With over 9,000 monthly listeners and a full US tour planned, Rosen’s career demonstrates a trajectory of continuous artistic evolution and increasing recognition in the indie