Lexa Terrestrial Gets Wild With Hip-Hop-Laced ‘X Files’

The burgeoning rapper, celebrated for her speedy lyrical deliveries and standout fashion choices, has dropped another musical gem, “X Files”. The track, a medley of the mysterious and the terrestrial, promises listeners an experience rather than just a tune.

Having been recognized in XXL’s Freshman Issue, Lexa Terrestrial is no stranger to the spotlight. Her musical concoctions seamlessly marry elements from genres as disparate as trap, grunge, ‘90s R&B, and even metal. It’s this eclectic sound palette that has seen her rub shoulders with hip-hop’s eminent names – think Hopsin, Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang, Logic, and more. Yet, Lexa’s broad appeal isn’t limited to just hip-hop; she’s graced stages with pop and rock luminaries like Jeffree Star and The Millionaires, and ignited crowds at renowned events from Art Basel to SXSW.

The journey hasn’t been a bed of roses. A severe breathing condition threatened to derail her career in 2019, but Lexa’s spirit remained unyielding. Her music became an avenue to communicate this struggle, forging a bond with her fans that’s both intimate and inspiring.

“X Files”, Lexa’s recent offering, plunges deep into the mysteries of extraterrestrial life, provoking contemplation about beings beyond our realm. Lexa muses, “We question if other life is out there… It is… It’s not even just out there, it’s here.” Beyond a literal interpretation, the track is emblematic of her own alien identity and a faith in celestial intervention to rescue humankind.

Lexa Terrestrial is on the way up and showcases all the hallmarks of one to watch. “X Files”, by all accounts, is just the beginning.