MADGRRL Signs Hard-Dance Banger ‘Machine’ To Tokyo Machine’s Label CHOMPO

Let’s turn up the volume and talk about “MACHINE,” the latest track from MADGRRL. It’s a fresh, pulsating single that’s set to make waves in the music scene. Released under Tokyo Machine’s CHOMPO label, “MACHINE” is a strong example to MADGRRL’s ability to craft tracks that resonate with the energetic pulse of the hard dance community.

“MACHINE” has the signature of MADGRRL’s style written all over it. It’s an experience, a journey through sound that captivates and energizes from start to end. From the first moment, you’re drawn into a world of intense energy, where every note seems to vibrate with the excitement of the dance floor.

This track is a perfect example of MADGRRL’s talent for pushing the limits of what hard dance music can be. The fast tempo and the hard-hitting basslines – these elements come together to create something that’s both as powerful as it is alluring. “MACHINE” is a track that promises to get your heart racing and your feet moving, a true anthem for the dance floor.

As we look forward to the release of MADGRRL’s hard techno VIP version of “MACHINE” in January 2024, it’s clear that this track is just the beginning of what’s sure to be an exciting new chapter in the hard dance scene. “MACHINE” is set to become a favorite among fans and a highlight in MADGRRL’s growing discography.