Marc Antonix Shows Off Emotional Vibe In’Wipe Your Tears Away’

From the heart of Los Angeles’ vibrant music scene emerges a voice that’s is uniquely distinctive – Marc Antonix, a native of this sprawling metropolis, doesn’t just produce tracks; he orchestrates an experience.

Witness his earlier reverberating two-track ensemble, the Nocturnal / Outerspace EP, which released via IN THE DARK RECORDS. These tracks spoke of a musician on a quest, harnessing the rhythms and energies of the L.A. nightscape. Yet, now the focus points to: ‘Wipe Your Tears Away’ which was unveiled. With vocals that echo the depths of deep house and a melody reminiscent of sultry summer nights, this track feels destined to resonate through festival fields and dance floors alike.

Yet, it isn’t just the adulation of the masses that Antonix has captured. His previous gem, “Let You Go,” found favor with industry heavyweights – from the charismatic Don Diablo to the dynamic Chainsmokers, and the ever-versatile Afrojack – which all supported him. Such accolades, coupled with his prodigious talent for blending bass house, electro, and bass melodies, make one thing crystal clear: Marc Antonix isn’t just riding a wave he isn’t getting off of anytime soon.