Jacknife Unleashes Heavy Bass Experience In ‘THE BLADE ROOM’

JACKNIFE isn’t playing around and his latest release exemplifies why. Despite being only 28 years old, he has traveled from Australia’s Sunshine Coast to the vibrant city of Los Angeles. This journey isn’t just about changing locations; it’s about changing the way he approaches his productions just as much.

His latest work, the THE BLADE ROOM EP, is a great example of this. It starts with the energetic and lively “MOVE” track that not only makes you want to dance but also channels a unique spirit through the sonic experience. Then there’s “4U,” which takes that energy and refines it in a more technical way. “GOODBYE” switches it up; showcasing vibes that are a bit more sad and serious. And there are also some unreleased songs: “HIVE MIND” and “TAKE ME,” both of which have strong bass sounds, and “NEED2KNOW,” which finishes the EP with a mix of house vibes and tasty drops.

JACKNIFE is already well-known. He has worked with respected artists like Malaa and The Bloody Beetroots, and big names in music like Skrillex and DJ Snake have given him the nod of approval. He’s getting ready for the next part of his U.S. tour, which starts on September 15th. It’s clear that JACKNIFE isn’t just following the trend of bass music; he’s shaping it.