Pagu Drops First Release Of 2023 In ‘Still Her Calling’

Florida’s own Pagu is back at it again with a song and video for his first release of the year known as “Still Her Calling.” The single focuses on a throw back vibe with a sonic theme that embraces late 90’s / early 2000’s vibes. Matched with this, a modern indie / synth / pop topline thrown in there for good measure. The single is undeniably catchy and showcases the next evolution the artist is headed toward in 2023.

Pagu has been in the weeds of a saga he called “Youth.” Which features a 360 art concept with a focus on both visual and audible aspects. Now he’s rolling out a whole new feel that he is dubbing “Self-Titled” – marking a moment in his canon where’s he’s symbolically messaging that change is afoot and to expect something different.

Pagu played a slew of events in 2023. Well over 2 dozen, from Ohio, to California, as well as Florida. The man is turning the dial in the right direction and shaking hands with people that matter – his track record proves this.

When jumping on stage, he sings, runs his own sound, live mixes, and is highly engaging with the crowd. This, combined with original music and a charismatic personality, is effective ammo for a rising artist. Pagu is going place and “Still Her Calling,” is the the next step in his journey.

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