Matt Barri Flies High with New Single ‘I’m in Space When You’re Worlds Apart’

In the ever-expanding universe of EDM and dance, Matt Barri has become a celestial force, charting a meteoric trajectory with his latest single, “I’m In Space When You’re Worlds Apart.” Fresh off the launchpad from last month’s ethereal “Everything To Me,” “IISWYWA” further cements Matt’s otherworldly sonic signature, fusing relentless, drum-laden, bass-fueled beats with introspective, emo-tinged lyrics and vocals. While many producers of Matt’s caliber rely on top-line collaborations to reach their peak popularity, Barri let’s his songwriting and production work speak for themselves.

It comes as no shock that Matt Barri’s cosmic adventure began at a tender age of 4, initiating with violin studies before quickly expanding his instrumental arsenal to guitar, drums, and keyboards, eventually delving into the realms of music theory. With a grandfather like Steve Barri, the celebrated songwriter and producer of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, it’s evident that the rich musical heritage runs deep in his veins, guiding him to cultivate his own passion for the art. Today, Matt’s familial lineage is on full display as a songwriter, producer, and DJ converge.