Pilar Victoria Follows Up TikTok Success With Single ‘Headphones’

Get ready to tune in. Pilar Victoria, the dynamic singer-songwriter, has officially dropped her single “Headphones.” Born in Argentina and now thriving in Texas, Pilar’s diverse heritage breathes life into her music, mixing soul-stirring melodies with deeply personal lyrics.

Pilar has been enchanted by music from the age of 11, crafting songs and mastering instruments. Despite facing hurdles like restrictions on social media, her resolve never wavered. By sharing glimpses of her music on TikTok, she quickly built a loyal fanbase and skyrocketed to fame.

Her track “Wilted Flower” became an instant hit, exploding on TikTok and earning millions of views overnight. This success led to a deal with the prestigious label Platoon and a collaboration on a successful EP with Grammy-winning producer Rick Nowels, who has worked with the likes of Lana Del Rey and Stevie Nicks.

Now, Pilar is back with “Headphones,” co-created with Rick Nowels in Santa Monica. This track artfully combines elements of sadness and uplifting pop, exploring themes of love and loss. With “Headphones,” Pilar continues to explore her unique sound while also marking her exciting move towards independent artistry. Dive into this heartfelt journey and experience the emotions Pilar Victoria evokes with her compelling music.