The Source |[WATCH] L.A. District Attorney's Husband Tells #BlackLivesMatter Activists 'I Will Shoot You'

A shocking video has surfaced that shows the husband of a Los Angeles District Attorney threatens to shoot Black Lives matter activists Monday morning.

David Lacey, a Black man who is married to Los Angeles’ chief prosecutor, Jackie Lacey, pulled a gun on a group of BLM members who were at his home to see his wife.

Dr. Melina Abdullah, an activist with Black Lives Matter Los Angeles who was present during the incident, can be heard speaking to Lacey in a calm tone but was met with aggression and a firearm. See the video below.

It was reported that the Black Lives Matter Los Angeles activists knocked on the Laceys’ door because they have “been trying to meet with their elected District Attorney for years.  She hasn’t met with the Black community since 2016.”

Black Lives Matter LA went up against Lacey back in 2018 when the group stepped up its fight against lacey for her failure to prosecute police officers who fatally shoot people of color. At the time, Lacey’s office had not brought charges against any officer involved in an on-duty shooting in more than 15 years in Los Angeles County, where more than 300 residents had been killed by cops or had died in police custody since she was elected in 2012.