Ram Dass & David Starfire Team Up On Moving Music Video ‘Back Into Balance’

Electronic music, often relegated to dark clubs and underground raves, has embraced a sacred realm. Soul Land Records, inspired by the Love Serve Remember Foundation of Ram Dass, has delved deep into the spiritual soundscape with David Starfire‘s masterful production. The result? The meditative EP, “Alchemy of the Heart.”

The title track, “Alchemy of the Heart,” envelops the listener, its extended and edited versions guiding one into tranquil introspection. But it’s not just this singular track that resonates. Coupled with three guided meditations from Ram Dass, the EP evokes an atmosphere of serenity, underlined by ethereal Theta binaural beats.

A personal highlight is “Back into Balance,” not just for its auditory richness but the accompanying video is a feast for the senses. Helmed by DJ Relajado (Dean), the visuals blend kaleidoscopic images of Ram Dass, culminating in a near-cosmic experience. Eager fans can expect two more visual treats for other tracks from the EP, an ode to its multifaceted appeal.

Pay heed to David Starfire’s live rendition of “Alchemy of the Heart” at the Psychedelic Science conference. This performance, imbued with singing bowls and tuning forks, showcased the expansive possibilities of electronic music.

David Starfire and Soul Land Records have not just released an EP, but a vessel that promises to guide its listeners to the coveted Soul Land. A masterpiece for both techno enthusiasts and devotees of Ram Dass, “Alchemy of the Heart” stands as a testament to the symbiosis of sound and spirit.

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