SadBois Release Their Magnum Opus In Melodic Bass/Rocktronic EP ‘Lonely Together’

In today’s age of ephemeral trends and fleeting fame, it’s often challenging to distinguish genuine innovation from the mere whims of popular culture. Into this complex spectrum enters SadBois, brandishing their blend of rocktronic and melodic bass. It’s raw, it’s riveting, and it overflows with timeless features.

The trio’s recent EP, Lonely Together, now unveiled under the co-signing of Flux Pavilion’s Circus Electric label, aims to traverse the walled corridors of loneliness. The project is clearly ambitious, laden with noteworthy collaborations, and it leaves no question that SadBois are truly forging a path that’s highly unique and speaks to the people.

Getting into the songs – “Lonely Nights” evokes a sense of daunting loneliness while boasting an epic melodic bass display. “Worst Day Ever” really lets off the pop-punk side of things, Micah Martin’s sorrowful screaming hitting the spot, which resonates with a sort of universal melancholy. “What It Feels Like,” a compelling union with TENZO, effortlessly captures the listener’s spirit, painting a vast auditory canvas splashed with mesmerizing melodies. But it’s “Bringing Me Back” that hits the mark above them all. With Rickie Lane’s haunting vocals, this track is a poignant reflection on conquering the demon that can be within us all.

Yet, as is often the case in the mercurial world of music, longevity is earned, not given. While SadBois have displayed an undeniably potent start, the real challenge lies in sustaining this momentum. Are they the heralds of a new musical movement or simply beneficiaries of the current zeitgeist? I choose the former. Only time will divulge the true depths of who they are and what they will be.