Capri and Dean Mickoski moderinze tribal house on ‘Aleraya’

New York-based DJs and producers, Dean Mickoski and Capri, drop “Aleraya,” their first collaboration and a fresh take on tribal house. The pair team up to modernize the tribal sound with a prominent bass line and rhythmic backbone. Layered on top are the powerful and resonant sounds of trumpets, whose blasts add a majestic dimension to the composition. The sonic journey is rounded off by spiritual vocals that weave through the track, lending an ethereal touch to this modern tribal house masterpiece.

Not to be overlooked is the entrancing bassline that sits at the heart of “Aleraya.” It sets a groove and pulsating rhythm that hypnotizes dance floors. Undoubtedly a tune tailored for the summer, “Aleraya,” Dean Mickoski and Capri have truly crafted a soundscape that’s not only inviting but also immersive, demonstrating their impressive skills and artistic synergy in their first collaborative effort.