Shaman Durek Drops Two Remix Compilations For His Groovy Anthem, ‘My House’

Having inspired and impacted thousands of people, Shaman Durek demonstrates the strong connection between music, dance, love, and spirituality. On top of being supported by prime outlets, like Vanity Fair and The New York Times, Durek is also a highly respected figure in the rave community. For almost three decades, he has promoted and aided in the growth of underground parties, from New York City all the way to San Francisco.

Already renowned as a Shaman, Durek widely expanded his following in house music during his role as a VJ on MTV’s hit show “The Grind”, with Frankie Knuckles and Louie Vega. Fast forward to today and Durek has recently launched his debut single “My House”. This track pays tribute to the places where house is originally rooted: Chicago and Detroit. Overflowing with rhythmic drumming sequences and a funky bassline, “My House” is powered by uplifting vocals from Durek himself.

Contributing to the overall electrifying message of “My House”, Durek has now released two thrilling remix compilations for it. Each remix throws in new elements of sound design and effects, making for a spicy rendition of the original. One EP includes DJ Sneak and Single Cell Orchestra, who deliver catchy flips of “My House”. The other encompasses production from Eric D Clark and Blakkat, with both bringing the energy. Durek’s entire “My House” project supports his objective to give strength to those needing to overcome trying times, by using the gifts of music and dance.