Mark Wolf Teams Up With Snoozegod For Nostalgic House Reinvention Of “AOL”

NYC’s house music maestro Mark Wolf teams up with talented songwriter Snoozegod for the new single “AOL,” a uniquely groovy gem with a distinct throwback to the chat platform that defined a generation.

The track’s soulful vocals and organic melodies contrast with its autotuned elements and digitized samples, making for a divergent and yet seamless sonic experience that’s catchy and a little bit nostalgic. Snoozegod originally wrote the song for his late friend Andy J, who unfortunately passed from a car crash. Mark jumped on board immediately after hearing the vocal hook to morph the track into its final form.

“‘AOL’ sounded like a smash hit from the moment I first heard it, producing it into a dance banger was a no-brainer. Snooze was incredibly gracious throughout the whole process.” – Mark Wolf.

“Working with Mark was easy and felt like a privilege.” – Snoozegod