Smith & Sorren Alongside Jay Roman Create Smooth Ride With Club-Ready Release ‘In The Middle’

The collaborative single “In The Middle” by Smith & Sorren and Jay Roman stands as a milestone in their impressive careers, blending unique vocal samples, a robust bassline, and exotic percussion to craft an immersive listening experience. This track not only showcases their technical skills but also encapsulates their journey and achievements in the music industry.

Smith & Sorren have transformed their childhood friendship into a formidable partnership within the electronic music scene. Their distinct sound has not only earned them recognition on Spotify’s editorial playlists but has also led to their music being featured across platforms such as SiriusXM, Insomniac Radio, and Dash Radio, showcasing their broad appeal. Between their label S&S House Sound, past achievements specifically with their releases, and a bright future ahead of them – much is going in these right direction for these guys.

Jay Roman’s upbringing was based in a musically rich household, combined with his swift rise within New York’s competitive club scene, demonstrates Roman’s innovative approach and his commitment to pushing the boundaries. His participation in this project not only adds depth but also enriches the collective output with his unique perspective and expertise.

“In The Middle” brings together the best of both worlds between two acts with a song that’s easy to return to again and again.