Jives Unleashes ‘Flow Steady’: A Fresh Take on Experimental House

Electronic music often grapples with a tension between tradition and novelty. For Melbourne’s very own Jives, this tension is more of a playground. Jives is carving out his own lane, weaving in threads of cinematic emotionality with upbeat house grooves.

“Flow Steady,” his new single under the FUXWITHIT Records label, is a example to this intricate balancing act. While its smooth vocals harken back to classic house anthems, the bold rap sample is unmistakably modern, adding a layer of flair. It’s a dance track, but one that beckons listeners to feel, reflect, and revel simultaneously.

In today’s dynamic music landscape, platforms like FUXWITHIT are pivotal. They bridge the chasm between the legacy of yesteryears and the disruptive innovations of today. Through their eclectic roster, from Haan808 to LYNY, they offer a sonic palette that simple cannot be beat. And with “Flow Steady,” Jives has firmly placed himself as a harbinger of this new era.